How do you learn ?

You can learn the Alexander Technique by taking a series of lessons with a qualified teacher of the Alexander Technique. You can take lessons either on an individual basis or in a group with other students.

The principles of FM Alexander’s work are learnt with the help of a teacher¬† who uses verbal instruction together with gentle, specialised manual skills.

The lessons that I teach are designed to suit your individual needs and are taught in a very interactive way, encouraging questions, originality and diversity of ideas.

While it is usual in early lessons to work on simple practical activities such as sitting and walking, you can learn the work in relation to any activities that are of particular interest or focus for you in your life, work or recreation.

While you can learn something of great value to yourself in a relatively short series of lessons, the value of the work for you and your mastery of the principles is increased considerably by a  more long term commitment.




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