Welcome to the work of F M Alexander !

Find out here about the Alexander Technique and how you can learn more for yourself about the work of F M Alexander through taking lessons with a teacher.

Alexander began the development of his work over 100 years ago, and in many ways we are only just beginning to recognise the full significance of his revolutionary work.

Alexander has articulated principles that can be used by people in all walks of life to achieve positive personal change by overcoming self imposed limitation.

We often limit our freedom and flexibility by the excessive muscular tension that we create within habitual patterns of thinking and reaction.

By learning to direct the power of your conscious mind – intelligently, fluidly and creatively – you can overcome this limitation and allow the freedom and flexibility of your natural system to fully express itself.  

Alexander’s work is tremendously useful for anybody who is interested in enjoying greater ease and success in any activity, whether at work or at home, in leisure, sports and fitness, or the arts.

It is also valuable in countering  the pressures of everyday living. We can often feel as if our lives are running us rather than the reverse. With Alexander’s work, you can learn to change habits of reactive thinking and develop a new and growing sense of confidence and creativity in your life!

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